7 Luxurious Diamond Infinity Ring – What Makes These special?

Ring 22/08/2020 0 Comments

Infinitas, meaning unbounded or infinite, makes infinity engagement ring a fitting metaphor for everlasting love. The diamond infinity ring is meant to give you a beautiful piece of jewellery that is entirely one of a kind. , so they can symbolize your love and beauty. The line of infinity diamond engagement rings appears spellbinding. Infinity Engagement Rings are not a…

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7 Best Asscher Cut Engagement Rings That Every Couple Loves To Wear!

Ring 08/08/2020 0 Comments

Distinctive and elegant Asscher cut engagement rings in a trendy square form show the stylish glitter of the smart cut. The Asscher cut diamond ring, with trimmed corners, is identical to an emerald cut but square in shape.  The Asscher-cut diamond, growing in popularity, brings a spin on conventional diamonds and is often dubbed the “square emerald.” Here we share…

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