The Ultimate Revelation Of 7 Luxurious Diamond Tennis Necklace.

The Ultimate Revelation Of 7 Luxurious Diamond Tennis Necklace.

The Diamond Tennis Necklace is one of the most expensive presents you may send to a loved one, or as a present. The continuous sparkle of a long string of diamonds circling the neck will show out, meaning viewers can never underestimate the individual wearing a tennis necklace.

If you’ve offered a diamond necklace to your partner or a significant other in the past and are worried you won’t be able to surpass the gracious offer, offering her a tennis necklace is a solution. It’s a big step up in extravagance and indulgence that comes to reach any target of varying sizes.

The most famous tennis necklaces are made in white gold, such that the diamonds take centre stage and the gold is the supporting cast itself. The diamonds should sparkle and glitter on a white gold tennis bracelet, as though they are strung together on the translucent wire.

The traditional diamond tennis necklace includes a single long string of diamonds perfectly measured for dimension, shape, and visibility. Now, here in this article, I am reviewing some of the beautiful necklaces with you.

1. Kobelli Lab Grown Diamond Tennis Necklace

diamond tennis necklace

This beautiful Kobelli diamond necklace is a beautiful creation for women. This is a very unique necklace that is made with a combination of white diamonds and white gold. The necklace can glorify your beauty more and more. It is a perfect gift for any occasion.

When you will wear this mesmerizing necklace you will see that your neck shines brightly and significantly add a perfect elegancy to your outlook. You can wear this amazing necklace with any kind of outfits like a cocktail dress or gown.

As the biggest online seller, we will provide you with all the certificates of authenticity with this necklace. You need not have to worry about the originality and purity of this Kobelli tennis necklace set. Now, I am going to focusing on some major features about this jewellery that you need to know before purchasing.

  • The beautiful fancy style Kobelli tennis necklace contains a number of 96 white diamond gemstones throughout the surface of the necklace. Each diamond gemstone has a weight of point 30 carats that add a total of 28.80 carats weight to the necklace.
  • As a metal solid 14k white gold is used in this Kobelli tennis necklace which is not plated nor filled. White gold is a great jewellery metal that will never fade and never create any blemishes to your neck. On the other hand, the diamond gemstones are beautifully crafted to the gold in a prong setting style. A prong setting allows more light rays to enter into the diamond your necklace will always keep shining. 
  • The diamond gemstones are brilliant round in shape and they are created in the laboratory in the synthetic method. These are also very much heat-treated. So, your necklace won’t damage the exposure of heat.
  • The unique Kobelli tennis necklace will give you excellent G-H minimum colour and VS1-VS2 visual clarity.

2. Allurez 14k Gold Modern Brilliant Cut Necklace

diamond tennis necklace

This beautiful Allurez diamond eternity necklace is one of the unique necklace collection from Allurez band. The necklace is made with a combination of rose gold and white diamond. The necklace provides the essence of royal touch along with classical design and art.

You will definitely amaze to see the simple design of this Allurez tennis necklace with a unique look. The necklace is suitable for wearing any kind of outfits either traditional or western. This is a perfect gift for your loving one for any special occasions like anniversaries, Christmas, valentine’s day, etc. You can also wear a necklace casually.

It offers a year warranty card and 30 days return policy along with the necklace set. Here, I have mentioned some important criteria that you should know about the necklace before purchasing it.

  • The Allurez eternity necklace features a total of 89 round brilliant cut white diamond gemstones throughout the whole surface of the necklace. These beautiful and durable round diamond gemstones make a durable and unbrokenly circle that will last an eternity. These add a total weight of 10.35 carats to the necklace.
  • The rare 14k rose gold is used in this necklace as a metal. As rose gold is very popular for its hue, it is also long-lasting and durable. This metal adds elegance of calming nature to your necklace. One thing you should be careful about that this necklace shouldn’t be exposed to any kind of chemicals of chlorine.
  • These eighty-nine diamond gemstones are attached to the rose-gold in prong setting style. This setting ensures a minimal amount of metal surrounds the centre diamond gemstones. So, the gemstones deliver a huge amount of light rays to the necklace. 
  • In this necklace, the sturdy safety lock clasp is covered in glittering gems. So, the necklace makes it secure and long-lasting.
  • The necklace illuminated excellent G-H colour and Sl1-Sl2 visual clarity. The gemstones of the necklace has also a certificate of authenticity from Gem Trade Laboratory.

3. Zen Jewels Diamond Cluster 14k White Gold Luxury Necklace 

diamond tennis necklace

The Zen Jewels cluster luxury necklace is a great sign of elegancy. The necklace is a complete package of all modern features with quality maintenance. This luxury masterpiece necklace is very well polished at every nooks and corner of the jewellery. You can use it at any time and any weather. You can also wear this necklace from casual to formal outfits.

The style and fashion of this beautiful necklace have collaborated in a way that it will never be outdated. This jewelry is also very popular because of its unique look and high-quality maintenance.

It includes 30 days money-back guarantee after shipping your necklace and gift box along with the jewellery set. Now, I am going to telling some major components about this Zen Jewels diamond luxury necklace.

  • The beautiful Zen Jewels luxury necklace is equipped with a total number of 336 princess cut white diamond gemstones. Princess-Cut diamonds have a high level of clarity, ensuring that there is plenty of exposure to white light or “sparkle.” Princess cuts give some of the beauty of any diamond form owing to the way they are made from the raw stone. These princess diamond gemstones include a total of 10cts weight to this necklace.
  • As a metal 14k white gold is crafted in this necklace. The diamond gemstones mounted on the gold through an invisible setting.
  • Cable type chain and spring ring types clasp are used in the Zen Jewels tennis necklace.
  • The diamond gemstones are 100 percent natural and they will provide you H-I minimum colour and I1-I2 visual clarity.

4. Dazzlingrock Collection 10kt Yellow Gold Diamond Tennis Chain Necklace 

diamond tennis necklace

The Dazzlingrock Collection men’s diamond tennis chain necklace is a unique creation for men’s. This men’s necklace is elegant and conveys your personality in a particular way. The necklace is equipped and designed in a way that can suit each and every man.

It is suitable to wear from sportsmen, celebrity to normal people. It coveys very much manly look. If you purchase the necklace you’ll get a gift box with it too. You can wear it any occasion and in any weather too. Here, I have mentioned some important features below:

  • The Dazzlingrock Collection diamond tennis chain necklace features approximately 198 round diamond gemstones. Naturally created diamond gemstones are used in this necklace so you don’t need to worry about durability. These gemstones weight approximately 25.44 carats.
  • In this beautiful men’s necklace, 10k yellow gold is used as a metal. Yellow-gold is usually used for men’s ornament. The gemstones are engraved to the necklace in prong setting style for keeping this masterpiece shining and graceful. The total weight of the metal is 1.1 ounces.
  • The Dazzlingrock collection tennis chain necklace will provide you with excellent J-K minimum colour and I2 minimum visual clarity.

5.  CERTED DIAMONDS18.35 Carats Round Brilliant Cut Necklace


CERTED DIAMONDS white tennis necklace is an elegant and uncommon necklace for women. The necklace has a greater length and a classical shape. If you love to wear a lengthy plus unique good polished design necklace then it is perfect for you.

It has all the modern features. You can wear it in any weather. The necklace is very much durable and long-lasting. Now, I am going to share some unique criteria for this necklace with you.

  • The CERTED DIAMONDS necklace is equipped with 126 pieces of white round brilliant cut diamond gemstones. The gemstones weight a total of 18.35 carats. 
  • As a metal stunning and glowing original 14k white gold is used in this necklace. The gemstones are mounted on the white gold in 4 prong-setting styles. Prong-setting style makes the necklace shining and graceful enables more light rays to illuminate from the surface.
  • The closure of the necklace has an insert clasp with a safety clasp. So, it will enable your safety and saves the necklace from highjackers and robbers.
  • The length of the whole chain is 17 inches and it will provide you with G colour clarity.

6. Allurez 18k Gold Diamond Graduated Necklace

Allurez 18k Gold

This Allurez tennis necklace is a luxury style necklace that has a great combination of all two types of design in a single necklace. This necklace is a perfect complement to any dress or gown.

You can wear this diamond necklace at weddings, parties, or other fancy events. You will get one year warranty and 30 days money return guarantee along with the tennis necklace. I have mentioned some features that you need to know about this necklace.

  • This luxurious Allurez diamond necklace is equipped with 25 stunning diamonds with a total carat weight of 5.00ct.
  • This necklace is crafted in a shiny 18k white gold metal stamp. The bright diamonds are in round-shape and mounted on the gold in prong-setting style. The prong setting style makes your necklace more shining and glowing. In this Allurez necklace, the four prong-settings have stones going halfway around with balls on the other half.
  • The length of the necklace is 18 inches. 
  • The gemstones used here have also passed the Gem Trade Laboratory certificate.
  • The Allurez graduated tennis necklace also conveys GH minimum colour and Sl1-SI2 visual clarity.

7. Allurez 14k Gold Graduated Eternity Necklace

The luxury Allurez graduated eternity necklace is the best choice for the women who want a simple but gorgeous necklace at a reasonable price. The beautiful necklace features a very simple and mesmerizing design. You can wear unique jewelry with almost all types of outfits.

You will convey your personality in an elegant style. This beautiful necklace is blessed with small sizes gemstones. Every nooks and corner of this Allurez eternity diamond necklace is well polished. You needn’t worry about its durability and flexibility. You can wear it for many years. Now, I am focusing on the major components of this amazing necklace.

  • This Allurez necklace features 203 brilliant round cut white diamond gemstones throughout the outer surface. These diamond gemstones add a total of 5.25 carats weight to the necklace. The gem-stones become larger gradually as they meet at the centre.
  • The diamonds on this elegant Allurez graduated necklace tennis is set in 14cts yellow gold in prongs setting style. The metal weights approximately 13.8 grams
  • The diamond gemstones are natural because they have gained the certificate of authenticity from the Gem Trade Laboratory. The necklace can convey GH minimum colour and SI visual clarity.

You can make your precious jewellery even more precious by purchasing these beautiful and elegant necklaces. Diamond jewellery is mostly considered as a secure investment. A great classic but so elegant style the diamond necklace is the best choice for women.

The diamond necklace is also adorned by celebrity and royal class people. This diamond-studded tennis necklace is recognized worldwide for its unique design and craftsmanship.

I hope the article will help you in choosing the perfect diamond tennis necklace according to your priority.


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