7 Stunning Floating Diamond Necklace For Every Occasion.

7 Stunning Floating Diamond Necklace For Every Occasion.

Are you seeking the best floating diamond necklace which fits every occasion? Well, In this article, I am going to provide the best floating diamond necklace review.

Nowadays, there has been a great demand for colored gemstone jewelry. In this topic, there’s nothing more classic and versatile than a floating diamond necklace.

As Diamonds are a girl’s best friend and the specific style of diamond necklaces is particularly special these floating necklaces playing a great role.

Whether being crafted with a single stone or multiple stones these floating diamond necklaces always add extra sparkle. This is the one jewellery that you can wear for any occasion. If you’re ready to know about some beautiful floating diamond necklaces, then scroll down to shop your favourite one.

1. Allurez14k Gold 2.04cts Diamond Solitaire Halo Pendant Necklace

floating diamond necklace

This floating diamond solitaire necklace is a wonderful creation executed by the company. The necklace will amaze your eyes with its beauty and charm. This Allurez floating necklace has many awesome features with the collaboration of modern style and fashion. The necklace is very much attractive and desirable.

This unique floating necklace can catch anyone’s attraction and enhance your personality. As a trusted online seller we will provide you 100 percent original and authentic Allurez diamond solitaire necklace.

We also provide this jewelry in a beautiful gift box. You can also get a 1-year warranty card and 30 days money return policy along with this Allurez necklace.

Now, I am highlighting some major features that you should know about this necklace.

  • The unique and beautiful Allurez floating necklace comes with a very unique style pendant. The pendant features a beautiful round-cut white diamond stone at the center. The center stone weighs approximately 1.9 carats. There is also a total number of 28 side stones around the center stone. These add a total of .14 carats to the pendant.
  • This gorgeous Alurez pendant necklace is crafted excellently in 14k white gold plated base. All the diamond gemstones are engraved on the white circular gold plate in prong setting style. The prong setting type is the most popular setting style for jewelry. This setting type allows lots of light to enter into the surface that helps to illuminate more light from the pendant. Overall, the setting keeps your necklace graceful and shining.
  • The necklace is made with some interlinked white gold tiny chains. The length of the necklace is 18 inches and it weighs 1.78 grams.
  • The necklace also provides G-H minimum color and SI1-SI2 visual clarity.
  • The gemstones are natural and have a certification from the Gem Trade Laboratory.

2. Olivia Paris 14K Gold Dancing Diamond Pendant Necklace

floating diamond necklace

This gorgeous modern floating necklace is gorgeous and beautiful. This is the diamond necklace you can wear time and time again. Whenever you will take it off, it will mesmerize your personality whether it is for casual dinners or any formal program.

It adds an extra layer of sophistication and instant class to any outfit. You can wear this in any weather too. Each diamonds used in this beautiful necklace are conflict-free and comply with the Kimberley Process standards for diamond sourcing.

You will get a 1-year manufacturer warranty and unconditional guarantee for 30 days with a warranty against defects or damages by purchasing this jewelry. I have shared some informative criteria about this jewelry in the next segment.

  • This Olivia Paris women’s diamond necklace comes on an 18″ inch long hallmark stamped imported high-quality chain. The chain is secured comfortably with a lobster clasp. The durable chain is made with 14k two-tone gold like one is yellow gold and another is white gold.
  • The unique pendant of the necklace is made with 3 moving dancing diamonds glimmer. The three interlinked round white diamond hollow loops created the whole structure of the pendant. Each loop also carries a center white round cut diamond stone. The diamonds on this pendant ass a total of 1.00 carat to the necklace.
  • The diamond gemstone is mounted on the gold-plated pendant in the bead setting style. The setting style is very good for a long time holding the stones perfectly. The diamond gemstones are long-lasting in this necklace so you need not worry about the durability.
  • The Olivia Paris necklace provides excellent H-I minimum colour and I1 visual clarity.

3. Kobelli 14k White Gold Necklace

floating necklace

This beautiful women floating necklace is a piece of simplicity and one of the best floating diamond necklaces. The necklace symbolizes the sign of love. This unique necklace has also eternal meaning.

Whenever you wear it, it will be the reason for the center of attraction. The necklace is not only beautiful but also it is very durable and long-lasting. You would be able to wear it after ages.

The unique modern design and style of this necklace will never outdated. It is also a perfect gift for your loved ones for any special occasion. The necklace is made with 100 percent eco-friendly and conflict-free materials. You will also get 30 days to return and exchanges a guarantee along with this piece of jewelry.

Now, I am describing some of the major features of this diamond necklace that are given below:

  • The Kobeli diamond necklace features an amazing heart shape white diamond stone as a pendant. The diamond stone weighs .75carats. This gemstone is a great attraction to this necklace.
  • The beautiful necklace comes with a 21 to 16 inch adjustable 14k white gold chain. The chain is secured perfectly by lobster claw clasps. You can fit the size of the necklace according to your convenience.
  • The diamond gemstone is adjusted to the gold chain in prong setting style. The prong setting style makes this necklace more bright and glowing.
  • The diamond gemstone is naturally created. This gemstone has also passed the certification of authenticity from AGA. So, you need not worry about the guarantee of the necklace. 
  • This Kobeli diamond necklace has also excellent GHI minimum color clarity and SI visual clarity and that is suitable for this necklace. 
  • Your signature is also required for delivering this Kobeli diamond necklace.

4. Olivia Paris 14K Two-Tone Rose and White Gold Diamond Necklace

floating diamond solitaire necklace

This Oliva Paris diamond necklace is the best floating diamond necklace in the fashion world. This women’s necklace collaborates with an infinity style arrangement of halo set circles that are lined with diamond accents.

This pendant necklace is a great choice for trendy and classy women. The overall design and style of the necklace are mesmerizing and eye-soothing.

You can comfortably wear it with any type of outfits. You will always enhance your beauty and elegance whenever you will wear it. This jewellery is made with ethically sourced materials.

Now, I am going to telling you about some features you need to know before purchase.

  • This unique necklace is handcrafted in solid durable two-tone gold that is14K white and rose gold. This stunning pendant necklace features a matching 14K white gold chain that has a length of 18″ inches. The chain is secured with a lobster claw clasp.
  • The beautiful pendant is also created with a fine touch of modern and contemporary texture. At the centre, there is a stunning fancy cut arrangement of 4 marquise cuts white diamonds around a single square-shaped princess cut diamond. These 44 round brilliant cut diamonds accent the circular halos and have a total weight of carat .50 carats together. 
  • The diamond gemstones are engraved to the metal in a 4-prong setting style. Prong setting type helps more light to illuminate from the necklace.
  • The diamond gemstones are natural and non-treated. They also give H-I minimum colour and SI2-I1 visual clarity.

5. Olivia Paris Square 14k Two-Tone Gold Halo Dancing Diamond Necklace Set 

 Olivia Paris Square necklace

This Oliva Paris diamond necklace is a mixture of modern and traditional design. The overall appearance of this necklace is very different from the ordinary diamond necklace. This necklace is very unique as well as elegant. You can take it off at any casual program to traditional function.

You will be happy to know that it comes in a designer-stamped gift box. We also provide an unconditional guarantee for 30 days and a 1-year warranty against defects. Here, I have focused on many of the important criteria for this necklace.

  • This Oliva Paris floating necklace comes with 18 inches long 14k hallmark stamped imported high-quality chain. 14k White gold and 14k Rose gold metal is used in the necklace as two-tone gold. The gold chain is secured with a lobster clasp.
  • The amazing pendant features a total of 31 moving princesses and round brilliant cut diamonds shimmer. All diamond gemstones are ethically sourced. The gemstones add a total of 0.67-carat weight to the pendant.
  • The gemstones are attached to the metal in the floating setting type.
  • All the diamonds are natural and authentic and they provide H-I minimum color and I1 visual clarity to the necklace.

6. Olivia Paris 14k Yellow Gold Diamond Lion with Wings Pendant

Olivia Paris pendant necklace

This beautiful Oliva Paris women pendant necklace is the ultimate sign of culture and tradition. This amazing necklace pendant is finely polished and crafted with the reflections of art and culture along with modern touch.

No doubt, this pendant reflects elegance whenever you wear it. The design of this necklace is timeless and adds an instant class to your personality.

You can wear this with any type of outfits. We will pack the necklace in a designer-stamped gift box before delivering it to you. The necklace ensures guarantees for 30 days with a 1-year warranty against defects or damages during normal wear.

Now, I am sharing some precious features about this jewelry with you in the next segment.

  • This Oliva Paris women’s floating necklace features a 14k Yellow-gold hallmark stamped high-quality golden chain. The chain measures a total length of 18 inches and secures comfortably with a lobster claw clasp.
  • The uniquely designed pendant is the center of attraction in this necklace. A hollow circular shape white round cut diamond structure creates the structure of the pendant. Inside this hollow, there is a monument of lion and wings that is crafted with white round diamond and gold. These total number of 88 diamond gemstones feature a total weight of 0.59 carats.
  • These diamond gemstones are attached to the pendant in prong setting style. 
  • These gemstones ensure H-I minimum color and excellent l1 visual clarity.

7. Rosec Jewels Solitaire Heart Shape 14k White Gold Pendant

Rosec Jewels

This beautiful Rosec diamond solitaire necklace is a great combination of the two most precious and expensive natural stones. The amazing concept of collaborating white diamond and ruby makes this necklace unique and beautiful.

You will amaze to see the simple design of the necklace. This Rosec Jewels necklace symbolizes the sign of love and eternity. This is a perfect give for your lovable person. You can also always wear this. This necklace is a timeless masterpiece.

Now, I will share some useful information about this necklace with you.

  • This diamond solitaire necklace features a 14k white gold chain that measures 18 inches in length. You can wear this necklace with or without a chain. We will customize this necklace according to your convenience. The chain is easy to carry as it has weights of 3 grams.
  • The attractive hollow heart-shaped pendant with heart-shaped ruby and round cut diamond stones makes this necklace mesmerizing. The heart-shaped ruby is also attached to a bow and arrow. The center ruby has weights of 1carat. A total number of 5 round cut white diamond gemstones add a 0.08 ct weight together.
  • Both types of gemstones in this diamond solitaire necklace are mounted on metal in a prong-setting style.
  • You can also resize this diamond solitaire necklace.
  • The gemstones are natural and they have a certificate of authenticity from IGI (International Gemological Information).

The above necklaces are a classic accessory that can serve as a statement piece as well as something to enhance a beautiful neckline. You can show off your necklace with a timeless dress at a formal affair, or wear it with any kind of outfit.

If you are searching for diamond jewelry that you will wear 24/7, you can purchase a floating diamond solitaire necklace. I hope, this article will help you to choose the best one according to your wish.


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