Rolex New Deep-Sea Deep Blue Sea-Dweller – A new Edition Of Luxury!

Rolex New Deep-Sea Deep Blue Sea-Dweller – A new Edition Of Luxury!

In the flesh, the Rolex New Deep-Sea Deep Blue Sea-Dweller 116660 watch is cool. Rolex stated it was the first of its type, and probably the last of its kind, a watch designed specifically to honor an event and a person.

The watch is almost similar, in all honesty, to its more common brother, the Rolex Submariner. It has the same uni-directional bezel, a bracelet made of Oystersteel, and markers for round hours. The watch, however, has all of the requirements that you need as a diver.

Currently, the Rolex New Deep-Sea Deep Blue Sea-Dwellers is the most high-performance dive watch developed by Rolex and the largest in a 17.7 mm thick and 44 mm wide case.

It comes with a bracelet in the Oyster theme and is made of 904L steel. The watch’s case=back is in titanium and has many features that help provide the massive water resistance over the dial, such as the Ring Lock System and the massive, 5 mm thick sapphire crystal.

As you know, the dial concept is intended to replicate James Cameron’s 2012 Deepsea Challenger submersible mission voyage. The dial’s blue to black gradient is supposed to mimic ocean water that gets black when you go deeper, since only so far can sunlight penetrate. The green color of the “DEEPSEA” mark is the same as the submersible Deepsea Challenger.

The thickness and the heft are these variations, which you will note as soon as you keep it. The watch looks firmly made, as far as first impressions go.

You haven’t seen this beauty in a person, or just plain mad, if you think all blackface is better than the blue one. This is probably one of the best Rolex items I’ve ever seen in person.

Best Features of The Rolex New Deep-Sea Deep Blue

Rolex New Deep-Sea Deep Blue Sea-Dweller

Stainless Steel Case with Ringlock System

For a high pressure-resistant watch, the case is one of the most critical items. However, owing to the thickness, you would not dare to use those watches as a regular driver. Rolex revamped the case structure to answer the issue and named it the Ringlock Framework. Three components absorb the pressure using this device.

These are the 5.5 mm thick sapphire crystal, the 3.28 mm thick Grade 5 titanium case back, and the inner ring made of Biodur 108 steel. In addition to that, 904L steel covers the entire device.

Rolex chooses the materials with special consideration, as always. The Biodur 108 steel equips with three times more stress-proof than the normal case, to demonstrate. Meanwhile, the Grade 5 titanium is 4 times more durable and long-lasting than others.

Bidirectional Rotatable Bezel

The Rolex New Deep-Sea Deep Blue Sea-Dweller has a unidirectional bezel, similar to any other dive watch. It’s made from a high-tech ceramic track ring that’s scratch-resistant.

In extreme sports, this is incredibly helpful as you wouldn’t have to worry about losing it. Milled and coated with platinum are both the numerals and indexes on the bezel.

The bezel can be changed in half-minute intervals, apart from that. Finally, the bezel’s every turn feels strong and correct. It’s a good thing to have as calculating the time will make it simpler for you.

Exotic Dial

The Rolex Deepsea Sea-Dweller is similar in appearance to the Submariner. Only cover the “Deepsea” printed on the dial and it will be difficult for you to differentiate one from another. For you, this is a positive thing because it has a timeless and flexible nature.

Another thing about the dial that’s unique is that it’s not entirely blue. It gives off a navy blue hue at its end. If it goes down, until it becomes jet black at the bottom, it gradually darkens. This is a nod to how, when you go deeper, the ocean gets darker.

Hour Markers with Chromalight Lume

Lume is one of the underrated features of a dive watch. For serious divers, in dark conditions, it is critical to have a readable watch. Luckily, it can produce the Rolex Deepsea Sea-Dweller.

The hour markers are wide and with Chromalight lume added. This one gives your watch a light blue glow, unlike other Rolex versions that glow orange. It can last up to 8 hours, according to the company, which is more than double the average duration of luminescent materials.

The Movement

The Caliber 3235 is used by the Rolex New Deep-Sea Deep Blue Sea-Dweller. The Calibre 3135 is a renovated variant of this movement. Resistance to effects, accuracy, and precision are among its enhancements. Besides, from the standard 48 to 70 hours, Rolex will allow you to increase its power reserve. This is primarily due to the modern oscillator for ball-bearing.

The movement is also resistant to magnets, apart from being water-resistant. This is because of the nickel-phosphorus alloy escape wheel LIGA process. Finally, it has the shock absorber Paraflex, which you can also see in other Rolex versions.

Accuracy of Movement

In dive watches, accurate timekeeping is important. And you will be satisfied to hear that the movement used for this timepiece is accredited by the official Swiss Chronometer Research Institute, the ContrĂ´le Officiel Suisse des Chronometers.

As if that’s not enough for you, to achieve an even better accuracy score, Rolex watchmakers control the movement. The movement numbers should be between -2 and +2 seconds every day, with their norms. Yes, you can get used to the fact that Rolex likes to surpass expectations.

Oystersteel Metal Strap

The metal strap is made of 904L steel and is in the Oyster theme. This material has been specifically used by Rolex as it is more resistant to saltwater corrosion.

Rolex 116660 luxurious watch

Rolex re-designed the lugs for a better fit when it comes to comfort. A Fliplock and a Glidelock are also used in the Oysterlock clasp setup. These upgrades allow you to lengthen the mid-dive bracelet.


  • With a water resistance of 3900 m, this watch is undeniably one of the most ultra-resistant diver watches.
  • Chromalight is added to the hands and hour markers on this watch.
  • This Rolex watch was designed to withstand water pressure, magnets, shocks, and scratches.
  • This watch is one of those legible watches.


  • The weight is competitively more.
  • The case is thick.

Every watch fits a certain type of personality. And for the Rolex New Deep-Sea Deep Blue Sea-Dweller, the obvious answer would be pro divers. It is needless to say, the features of the watch are more than enough for your needs.

There are, however, strong reasons why you can also enjoy this mechanical wonder as a non-diver. Firstly, by touching the bottom of the Marianas Trench, this watch made history. The explanation alone is enough to spice up the watch collection of a completist.

Like the Rolex Deepsea, no other watch is engineered. There is no denying that one of the most technologically advanced is this watch. Sure, there are a few drawbacks including the size and weight. 

If you equate it with what the watch can do, however, the cons are comprehensible.

Whether or not you’re trying to optimize the functionality of the watch, the Rolex New Deep-Sea Deep Blue Sea-Dweller is a perfect purchase and will always be a starter for conversation.


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