Rolex Sky Dweller Champagne Dial GMT Review

Rolex Sky Dweller Champagne Dial GMT Review

Do you want to buy a luxurious watch from a luxury brand? How about the Rolex? Sounds cool, right? In this article, I will provide the Rolex Sky Dweller Champagne Dial GMT review, which is one of the most desired and in-demand luxury watches on the market. So, let’s dive into the Rolex sky dweller two tone review.

The good thing about the Rolex sky dweller 326938 is it’s a super cool and high-end automatic watch; at the same time, it’s damn expensive. It is needless to say that the demand for a luxury watch to take the luxury to the next level is always rising. The Rolex sky-dweller 18k gold is one of the desired watches from the Rolex for the rich people at the same time fashion aware.

The Rolex sky-dweller 18k gold watch was launched in 2012, and the demand for the watch just sky rocked to the luxury watch community. Do you want to have this watch in your collections? If yes, keep reading. It is a secure investment for everyone.

The Sky-Dweller Ref. 326938 is considered the most difficult modern-day Rolex in creation and its functions are made with the repeated jet-setter under consideration. A few of Rolex Sky-Dweller’s functions can be a Dual Time Region, an Annual Calendar, and a Date Function.

An interesting feature will be the calendar complication that allows the Day Functions to display the actual day throughout the year. The Rolex sky dweller 18k yellow gold function is smart enough to learn when the month ends on the 30th or even the 31st. Therefore you won’t need to re-set the watch each month.

One more eye-catching complication is the Ring Command Bezel. The crown merely has one setting position, so you can access the three major functions mentioned above by turning the bezel.

Versions of the Rolex Sky-Dweller

In the beginning, the Sky-Dweller was only available in three shades of gold – yellow, Everose or white; at Baselworld 2017, Rolex introduced two new types of the Sky-Dweller, that have been the 2-well toned Rolex variations:

The stainless steel Rolex sky dweller 326938 that comes with 18 karat white gold bezel. And the two-tone stainless steel and Rolex sky dweller yellow gold champagne dial.

18K gold Rolex Sky-Dweller

Rolex produces timepieces in-house at their own manufacturing factory; they could create the highest quality 18k gold alloys and conserve a truly unmatched standard inside the luxury watch industry. 18k gold colors can vary from yellow, pink, or bright white.

The design in this Rolex Sky Dweller review is of your yellow gold variety. The 18k gold alloy is produced with merely the purest metals, which is assiduously examined with all the most advanced gear prior to being shaped and designed into form.

The whole process of developing the watch through the gold alloy also experiences extremely meticulous assessment to ensure that every watch lives around Rolex’s top-notch reputation.

The Rolex sky dweller yellow gold champagne dial, inside our view, is amongst the very best gold colors you can ask for. It is a beautiful eye-catching gold we couldn’t live without.

Top Features of the Rolex sky dweller yellow gold champagne dial

In the Rolex Sky Dweller Champagne Dial GMT review, we’ll now discuss this luxury timepiece’s top features.

Case and bezel

The Rolex Sky Dweller Champagne Dial GMT has a yellow gold case with a fluted Ring Command Bezel. A Ring Command Bezel enables you to change in between the numerous functions to set the time, date and calendar, straight from the bezel.

Case size

The Rolex sky dweller 326938 has a 42mm diameter case, so size isn’t a problem with the Rolex Sky-Dweller. The Rolex sky-dweller 18k gold comes with a screw-down case back and a scratch-resistant crystal with cyclops date window.

Case thickness

The 14.1mm thickness indicates it really is a pretty heavy case. Although, Rolex sky dweller 326938 really is about 3.6 millimeters less than the 17.7mm Rolex Deepsea timepiece. So, it is not the thickest view within the Rolex entire world.


The Rolex Sky Dweller 18k yellow golden watch is definitely waterproof. You are able to confidently wear the Sky-Dweller in waters up to 330ft (100 meters) below water level. For that reason, you can enjoy almost every normal water activity using this type of sporty watch, not including deepsea scuba diving.


The Rolex sky dweller two tone gold dial design is quite nicely balanced as well as the champagne gold color really finishes the appearance of the yellowish gold case and bracelet. The Skies-Dweller carries a unique offset ring for your 2nd-time zone and twelve-month schedule cutouts on top of the Arabic numbers.

You will find a resolved inverted red triangle on the dial points in the middle dial 24-hour disc for a favored reference time. The Rolex sky dweller 18k yellow gold dials also feature rectangle index hour marker more, the hands are broad and have a luminous Chromalight screen to increase readability.


Rolex Sky-Dweller comes with Calibre 9001 automatic movements, which means that it comes with a personal-winding system. The Calibre 9001 activity is totally manufactured in-house by Rolex to be sure the movements are of the highest quality that Rolex is indeed well known for.

As we talked about, the Rolex sky-Dweller is easily the most challenging modern-day Rolex, and it is probably the most complicated caliber that Rolex has ever developed in their overall history.

In addition, Rolex has seven distinct patents to shield it. The design, progressive qualities, and manufacturing level of the Sky-Dweller allow it to be extraordinarily accurate and dependable.

The Rolex sky-dweller 18k gold is made to serve you for life. One more one of the very amazing highlights of this timepiece will be the 72-hour or so power reserve.

So, it is possible to let Rolex sky dweller two tone gold dial watch off for the entire weekend break and throw it back on your hand on Monday without the watch getting stopped.


The Rolex Sky-Dweller equips with GMT functions, so it has a 24-hour scale of worldwide timezones a Ring Command Bezel, so it could be set up effectively by simply while using bezel and crown, which we shall describe exactly the way it works below as well as a Twin Time Zone function which can be re-set to a different timezone without stopping the entire watch which all create the Rolex Sky-Dweller probably the most functional designer watches throughout history.


The Oyster bracelet consists of 18k yellow gold with shiny mirror finish center links and blemish finish about the outside links. The bracelet is quite solid and comfy, associated with the easy, adjustable Oysterclasp basic safety deployment.

The Oysterclasp gives approximately 5mm more flex-space for any scenario. Lastly, the Oyster bracelet has another perk, that getting the newly hidden accessory agreement underneath the bezel. The latest concealed connection offers a smoothly continuous aesthetic between the case and bracelet.


At the end of the Rolex sky dweller champagne dial GMT review, I hope you have found all the information about this high-end watch. It is one of the dream luxury watches of many watch collectors.

You can buy the Rolex sky-dweller 18k gold without any further consideration because it is a safe investment and worth the money. I expect you to have found the Rolex sky dweller two tone review useful and answered all of your queries.

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