Why You Need Rolex Yacht Master Rhodium Dial Watch 268622 RSO?

Why You Need Rolex Yacht Master Rhodium Dial Watch 268622 RSO?

This new Rolex Yacht Master Rhodium, an outstanding watch built for sailing professionals, is one of the Rolex Series’ newest flagship styles. The Yacht-Master for Rolex lovers is also a favorite.

The Rolex Yacht Master Rhodium was built to offer the traditional diver’s watch a more sophisticated imagination.

The sculpted cases and polished dials are the best match for a summer holiday to the Mediterranean. The watch’s USP is the proprietary Rolex Oysterflex band that provides a sporty alternative to metal bracelets.

While most definitely not sacrificing on robustness, water-resistance or durability. Presenting the best of all worlds, the harness is identical to a rubber band and gives a metal’s resistance.

Because of its largely two-tone look, this watch presents the Rolex Oyster case’s smooth lines in the best possible way.

Its stylish appearance and functionality introduced it as an instant favorite. The Yacht Master is famous for men and women alike and is made for either design in a variety of finishes.

The Rolex Yacht-Master Rhodium includes a Rolex oyster necklace with inox steel and a platinum band. It has an impressive 60-minute bidirectional spinning delay constructed of fine-polished platinum. It also features dark rhodium dial with luminous silver-tone hands and markers for dot hours.

The signs of minutes are found on the outer surface. The style of the dial is analogic. This introduces an entirely new movement model.

The Rolex caliber 2236 mechanical movement with a power reserve of 55 hours. Screw down crown also appears on the watch. Strong backpack shell. The width of the case is 37 mm, and it is small.

This watch also sports an Oysterlock closure. The watch comes with a lightweight strap to check coastal waters. Time functions shall be shown in the day, hour, minute, or second.

Best Features of The Rolex Yacht Master Rhodium

This Rolex Yacht Master Rhodium is the perfect timepiece for the gentle with elegance, grace, and a love of the high seas.

The watch features a rotating, self-winding motion that provides precise and efficient timekeeping.

rolex yacht master rhodium

It offers a variety of finishes for a sleek, understated appearance, including more plain stainless steel and gleaming gold for the ultimate Rolex luxury look.

If you want a watch that is elegant, stylish, and efficient, the Rolex Yacht-Master Rhodium is a great watch.

i) Rotatable Bidirectional Bezel

The 60-minute bidirectional, graded bezel of the Rolex Yacht Master Rhodium is constructed of precious materials.

The polished numerals and graduations that are raised stick out distinctly against a matt, sand-blasted backdrop.

This practical bezel – enabling the user, for example, to measure the sailing period between two buoys – is also a central component in the distinctive visual identification of the product.

ii) Grey Rhodium dial

Like all Rolex Professional watches, thanks to its Chromalight monitor, the Rolex Yacht-Master Rhodium provides outstanding legibility under all conditions, particularly in the night.

Simple versions of the large hands and hour markers – triangles, circles, rectangles – are packed with a luminescent substance that emits a long-lasting glow.

iii) The Oyster Armband

The Oyster bracelet is a form and function, aesthetics, and technology that is designed to be robust and comfortable at the same time. It is fitted with an Oysterlock folding clap that avoids accidental opening and the Rolex unique Easylink comfort extension button.

This ingenious system offers the wearer to increase the bracelet’s length by about five mm, thus providing additional comfort under any circumstances.

iv) Cyclops Type Lens 

Rolex’s most distinctive features are the Cyclops lens and one of the most recognizable ones. Named after Greek mythology’s one-eyed giant. The Cyclops lens magnifies the watch’s emblematic date display for easy reading, two and a half times.

A history of invention, research, and improvement, and the endless 2236 movement lie behind the Cyclops, as with every highlight of a Rolex timepiece.

v) Superlative Output

This self-winding, date display mechanical movement is entirely manufactured by Rolex and inaugurates a new generation of movements. The architecture and engineering consistency guarantee unrivaled precision and durability.

rolex yacht-master rhodium watch

As other Rolex Perpetual movements, 2236 is a Swiss approved chronometer, a classification reserved for high-precision watches that have undergone. The checks of the Swiss Official Chronometer Research Institute in pursuit of perfection with performance.

vi) Scratch-resistant Sapphire Crystal

It is a very durable, translucent substance, consisting of crystallizing pure aluminum oxide at extremely high temperatures.

Synthetic sapphire has the same toughness as natural sapphire gemstones, but without the coloring agents that lend the gems their different colors.


  • It provides the manufacturer’s serial number, which proves its authenticity.
  • Water resistance up to 100 meters.
  • It is polished with sand-blasted 950 platinum bezel.
  • It has 55 hours of power reserve capacity.
  • This timepiece is versatile, and you don’t have to worry about what to wear when you go diving.
  • It has self-winding automatic motion.


  • The price is high.
  • It is quite heavy.


This New Yacht-Master, an outstanding watch built for sailing professionals, is one of the Rolex Series’ newest flagship styles. For a diverse of reasons, men and women alike.

The Yacht-Master in Rhodium, is worthy of consideration. In particular, the Yacht-Master 37’s special and versatile nature stems from its size, color scheme, and truly unique material combination.

The Yacht-Master 37 fits neatly into the new trend among luxury timepieces at a width of 37 millimeters. They have set off on their way back to more compact sizes.

The Rolex Yacht Master Rhodium coils around the arm easily, without sacrificing much from its size. Rolesium applies to the application of an exterior Oystersteel fitted to a firm bezel of platinum Pt950. The bracelet and Rolesium Oyster case of the Yacht-Master series is really like no other, giving the luster and unique platinum sheen.

Like the bezel on diving watches like the Submariner or Sea-Dweller, the bezel rotates in all ways, in clockwise as well as counterclockwise. With the close connections of the range and the devotion to sailing, this bidirectional bezel helps the holder to easily change the bezel to the minute hand’s momentary location.

The Yacht Master 37, powered by the Rolex Caliber 2236, is a superlative chronometer with a daily accuracy of -2/+2 seconds and a 5-year international guarantee.


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