Why would anyone buy a Rolex or any such high-end watch?

Why would anyone buy a Rolex or any such high-end watch?

Have you ever wondered why would anyone buy a Rolex or any such high-end watch? If the question often pops up in your mind then I would say you’re not only the one who’s thinking why these watches are so expensive and what makes it special?

In this article, I’m going to share why people don’t think twice at the time of buying any luxury watch.

The Reasons behind Choosing a Luxury Watch

i) First of all, let’s answer one of the greatest reasons so many want to choose a higher-end watch: the unparalleled craftsmanship represented in a fine watch.

A handmade mechanical watch, unlike many battery-powered offerings, is a complex device consisting of hundreds of parts that can be compared to an excellent work of art in some instances.

These are not merely shiny toys, but impressive feats of modern engineering that take years of training and practice to create both properly and beautifully.

ii) It is also worth noting that top-tier mechanical wristwatches are known to retain their value very well, unlike comparable big-ticket products, and some even praise their value.

Not only does this talk about the consistency and icon status of Rolex watches. The key reason for buying a watch should not be that you really like it, but the reality that a well-made mechanical watch is a life-long investment.

It’s also nice to know that if you want to sell the watch, you can still get a fair sum back. If you buy one of the real icons, you’re definitely going to get more than you paid for initially.

iii) Third, but most definitely not least, is mechanical watches’ human aspect. Watches have been made with the unique needs of their owners in mind since the dawn of the industry.

They are basically, as a result, a representation of those who wear them. Purpose-built sports watches such as the Heuer Autavia and Rolex Explorer are fine examples of this definition, as the tales of human achievement linked to their growth and usage serve as inspiration for collectors around the world.

Stories such as these have the ability to pique one’s interest in watchmaking, ultimately leading them at collector events to share their enthusiasm for mechanical watches with others.

Main Features of High End Watches


It may sound insane, but we humans prefer to associate quality with weight. This is actually pretty much the case with watches. A watch that is heavier is a little more durable than a lighter one.

Precious materials

Not only because of the brand name, Rolexes are so pricey, but also because it’s a piece of jewellery that contains a good amount of gold and diamonds in particular.

The movement

The Timex is an exceptionally reliable timepiece with a quartz movement. For hundreds of years, however, watches have relied on extremely delicate mechanical engineering to preserve time.

With automatic and mechanical motions, luxury watches continue this tradition. Personally, I love that my watch actually ticks, and I admire the craftsmanship and engineering needed to be 99.99 percent precise.

Even though quartz is utterly superior in preserving accurate time.


Okay, eventually, some tough reasons to accept a higher price. Resistance to water. In particular, Rolex is known for diving watches that stay water-tight for up to 300 meters.

At the deep end of a pool, a cheap watch could stop functioning. Currently, a Timex can potentially handle up to 100 ft. The amount of technology that goes into making a mechanical watch work underwater is shocking.


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