How can we confirm that a watch is Rolex or it’s fake model?

How can we confirm that a watch is Rolex or it’s fake model?

Is your Rolex orginal or fake? Have you checked it? Well, if you still dunno your Rolex watch that is shining in your hand is orginal or not this article is for you?

Here I am going to explain “How can we confirm that a watch is Rolex or it’s a fake model?” Stay tune dude!

What Are The Steps to Spot a Fake Rolex Watch?

i) Due to their quartz dial motions, the cheapest fakes are easy to detect. Within the counterfeit watch, the second-hand stutters along, while a true Rolex has a smooth second-hand motion. If you are still unsure of the difference between a second hand “stuttering” and a “smooth” one, listen carefully, there should be no ticking noise coming from a real Rolex.

ii) The second way to detect a fake is through the watch’s heft. In general, fake Rolex watches are smaller, while a genuine Rolex is made of high-quality metals and will weigh much more.

iii) Next, look at the side windscreen. Typically, to shift the minute and hour hands, fake Rolex watches have very simple winders. But according to Duggan, a real Rolex would have a finely-crafted winder with engravings and grooves that are quite a work of art.

iv) Last but not least, the lens of the cyclops on the face of the real Rolex will magnify the date. It is difficult to reproduce, so this stage will be skipped by most counterfeit timepieces and the date will appear to be the same size.

It is pretty easy to spot the cheapest watches sold on the street. Duggan warns that you will need to take your transaction to a watchmaker when the fake watch is sold for over $700 so that he or she can cut the back of the Rolex to see the inner movements to know for sure.

What Are The Unique Features of a Real Rolex Watch?

Model & Serial Number

Reference to serial and case reference numbers is one of the easiest ways to ensure that a Rolex is authentic. On a genuine Rolex, the serial and model numbers are deep and precisely marked in solid, very fine lines that will shine like a diamond cut edge in the light at an angle.

Conversely, due to a poorer quality labelling procedure, the numbers on several fake or replica watches are usually composed of faint tiny dots.

The Cyclops lens

The Cyclops, in Rolex parlance, is the magnification on the face of their watches above the date window. The Cyclops is convex on a genuine timepiece and magnifies the date 2.5 times for improved readability.

If the magnification lens is flat on the watch you’re thinking about and the date is not magnified as well, then you’re probably dealing with a forgery.

The weight

Usually, authentic Rolex watches weigh more than most fakes.

Caseback Engravings

Rolex does not engrave the exterior of its case backs with words, logos, or photographs except for only a few special cases, such as the Rolex Sea-Dweller, Milgauss, Comex, Military watches, and some older, special versions.

If the watch you are looking at contains engravings on the back of the case of the watch, and they are not the previous owner’s engravings, then chances are that you have a fake Rolex. Clear Case-back: Rolex does not equip its watches with clear case backs.

Many fake Rolex watches also feature transparent case backs that allow you to see the inside of the watch and the different components that make it function.

Therefore, beware of imitation watches that have a transparent window on the back of the watch’s case with a view of the movement.

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