A Diagnostic Report of Patek Philippe Nautilus Moon Phase 5712/1A

A Diagnostic Report of Patek Philippe Nautilus Moon Phase 5712/1A

The brand new 5712/1A-001 Patek Philippe Nautilus Moonphase is a beautiful men’s timepiece. The demand for 5712 has also increased in recent years, with an ever-growing waiting list.

This example, 5712/1A-001, is from 2012 and comes with its original packaging, origin certificate, and product literature. Over the years, the Nautilus series has made its impression on watch aficionados’ hearts and minds. Nowadays, the Nautilus is one of the most sought after pieces.

This timepiece celebrates craftsmanship with its silver and midnight blue style at its best the Nautilus 5712 also has a 40 mm case and a sapphire case back panel. It is driven by mechanical action that is set into a case of stainless steel.

With its full-of-charm dial, it’s as tough to procure today as expensive on the second-hand side. A steel band opening and closing finish this with a fold-over clasp. This watch comes with a package and initial documents.

During the last two years, the Patek Philippe Nautilus Moonphase watch’s success has grown dramatically. It also draws the interest of celebrities and enthusiasts alike.

It is seen as one of the world’s finest and last autonomous watch. As a result, the luxury watchmakers located in Geneva hold a special place in the watch industry. Royal families and business leaders are trusting of Patek Philippe’s historical interactions. It’s known as the luxury timepiece’s technical finesse. 

The watch’s unique and beautiful designs maintain the beauty of the timepieces. We can be carried from one generation to the next and passed forward.

Best Features of The Patek Philippe Nautilus Moonphase steel watch, 5712/1A-001

Patek Philippe Nautilus Moonphase

This Patek Philippe Nautilus Moonphase steel watch, 5712/1A-001, is an outstanding combination of features and classic style. The case and necklace are finished exceptional, with beveled, painted, and granular textures. The alloy necklace has no stretch, with flat central links.

In addition to the regular hour and minute hands, there are other incredible features in this specific layout too. This contains a sub-dial running second, a date clock, a moon phase aperture, and an indicator on the dial with power reserve. The symbol for the moon phase provides an exclusive means of charting the passing of time.

Besides, it comes with indicators for the moon phase so that these unique criteria can be enabled. It has up to 48 hours of power reserve, so you can wear it at random. Similarly, the dial design is unrivaled.

The faceted batons, hand-polished hands, and the small prove that identifying a Patek Philippe will always be overlooked by the individual wearing the watch. They all add up to something that looks perfect on the wrist and feels excellent.

Let’s have a look at the top features of this luxurious watch.

Nautilus Self-Winding

This watch showed its bezel, the innovative porthole design of the case, and the squared octagonal form. The Nautilus also epitomized the sleek sporting watch with a horizontally embossed screen.

This excellent app helps you to use it comfortably for sports purposes. It features a stunning array of male and female models. This comes in variations of brass, rose gold, white gold, or two-tone. This helps you to live the most involved, incomparable class lifestyles.

Self-Winding Mechanical Movement

A mechanical self-winding mechanism operates the Patek Philippe Nautilus Moonphase watch. This watch is unique as it’s the only moon phase tracker you can use.

The dial is a sapphire-crafted disk that rotates to show various moon phases inside an aperture. It is prominently adorned with silver stars and two moons that boost your personality.

Black-Blue Dial

The dial is painted in an enchanting black-blue hue. A power reserve symbol is used in the ‘ridged’ blue dial. It also contains a view of time and moon (at 7 o’clock), and a tiny second at 4. The Patek Philippe Nautilus Moonphase includes all the usual time-only watch indicators. It adds luminescent attachments to the watch with added hour-markers, and Nautilus hands.

Stainless Steel Case

The three-piece steel case ensures water resistance of up to 60 m. It also features a large twist-down crown. The reference 5712 features modern Nautilus case interpretation, with 3-part construction, case-back sapphire, and curved ears.

The 5712 case is a fascinating mix with viewpoints and proportions with width with 40 mm and a thickness of 8.52 mm.

240 PS IRM in-house Calibre

The reference 5712/1a-001 is driven for petite seconds by Patek Philippe’s in-house caliber 240 PS IRM CLU. You will see tiny seconds, power reserve counter, date, and moon, apparent though the sapphire display-back with this watch.

It has 29 diamonds to it. It requires a straight line exhaust handle, a self-compensating flat balance spring shock absorber system. The watch has a monumental equilibrium that has been calibrated to the air, sun, isochronism, and 5 places. In turn, the 22k solid-gold micro-rotor is completed with Geneva stripes in the traditional Patek Philippe theme.

Simple Dial with Two Hands

The primary two-handed dial is a distinctive function of the classic Nautilus. This app shows just the hours, minutes, and time.

It omits the second knob to make the simplified timepiece’s style easier. Older versions consisting of two simple components are still quite common today. The fundamental nature of the initial men’s watches by Nautilus appeals to tons of enthusiasts. The luxury timepiece doesn’t come free.

Certificate of Authenticity

This Patek Philippe Nautilus 5712 comes with their initial case, origin certificate, and company literature. The quick-set date and moon phase stylus are missing.

The case is in very decent shape, with just slight cracks of surface and stains associated with daily use. They are evident both in the substance and in artistic images. Authenticity guaranteed.


  • Every individual part is hand-finished
  • The dial is black blue with luminescent hour markers that expresses elegancy
  • It allows free overnight shipping.
  • Water-resistant.
  • It is very suitable for sports.
  • It has a unique moon indicator feature.
  • The movement of the watch is automatic.
  • Scratch-resistant watch.


  • Price is high.
  • Weigh is heavy.

What You Need to Consider When You Will Buy The Patek Philippe Nautilus Moonphase 5712/1A?

Patek Philippe Nautilus Moonphase


When you buy this watch, it is imperative to buy the authentic one either online or offline. As a trusted online dealer, we provide the certificate of authenticity along with the watch.

Fittings & Finishing

There are many factors you should only go for Patek Philippe while picking a watch this pricey to purchase. Above everything, the watches’ fit and finish are uncompromising and probably the highest in the country.

When you buy the watch for a fitting, you need to know about your wrist size. You will have to select the watch according to the hand’s scale, and it won’t be loose or heavy.

Find Out the Amount of Your Pre-Owned Patek Philippe Watch’s Guide, Case, and Movement

Like selling every other luxury watch, it understands what sort of pre-owned Patek watch you need to sell is crucial. As Patek Philippe manufactures watches every year, and if you don’t learn this stuff, it’s hard to locate the right model.

Patek Numbers and Type Names

To locate the pre-owned Patek Philippe watch’s identification number, whether you have one, you can turn to the associated documents such as the Certificate of Origin.

On the inside of a sturdy case back is the reference number of a Patek Philippe watch. It can also be seen on the inside of the metal ring, which surrounds the case back of the sapphire crystal.

Reference number Patek Philippe shows you what the type of watch is. For the uninitiated, it can be tricky to deal with Patek Philippe reference numbers and model names.

We would advise you to know the reference of the watch you are interested in before visiting your local authorized dealer.


This brand-new Patek Philippe Nautilus Moonphase is is a lovely men’s timepiece powered by an automatic movement.

Once you buy the Nautilus 5712-1A-001, you can keep control of all aspects of time. This timepiece has an octagonal shape rounded in stainless steel and is 40 mm in diameter and 8.52 mm thick. If you want a perfect shape watch to wear, then this watch is the best for you.

It also has a sapphire crystal and rear case with a stainless steel bezel attached.

You don’t need to think about scratch because it’s crafted from sapphire crystal. It comes with the 240 PS IRM self-winding caliber, which provides functionality for the date and moon phase.

This edition of the Nautilus 5712-1A-001 comes with an armband of stainless steel with a fold-over clasp. It has 60-meter water resistance so you can wear it in shipping time.


Patek Philippe is one of the most powerful in the watch sector as a whole. It is synonymous with class, conservativeness, high auction values, legitimacy of prices. Patek Philippe is leading the way when it comes to high-end sale rates for the timepiece. All other watchmakers are quickly overshadowed when it comes to reaching daily, recordset rates.

The watch is comfortable but at the same time dressy that you would love to wear this watch. It is elegant, indeed. It will ideally suit your wrist and will hold good for an ideal, everlasting period.

Regardless of the watch’s strong popularity and the marketing strategy of Patek Philippe, the costs for a used Nautilus watch are not any lower than the completely new ones.

Due to its groundbreaking position in high-end, luxury sports watches, the Nautilus has become a true horological icon.


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