Why Patek Philippe Nautilus Rose Gold Had Been So Popular Till Now?

Why Patek Philippe Nautilus Rose Gold Had Been So Popular Till Now?

Are you glancing the best timepieces from the Phatek Philippe? If the is not a bid deal for you and looking for a luxurious watch then the patek philippe nautilus rose gold or patek philippe nautilus 5726a can be perfect watch for you.

With many different and awesome qualities like the rounded octagonal shape of its bezel, the ingenious porthole construction of its case, and its horizontally embossed dial, the Nautilus has epitomized the elegant sports watch since 1976.

Forty years later, it comprises a splendid collection of models for men and women. In steel, rose gold, white gold or two-tone combinations they accompany the most active lifestyles with incomparable class.

The watches we will be looking at in this article did succeed, and might just have superseded the immense success of the  Patek Philippe Watch family.

Yeah, I’m talking about the Patek Philippe Nautilus and today we’ll be looking at this extremely popular and good-looking luxury sports watch.

Patek Philippe is such a brand that has always been known for its impeccable timepieces. These days, Patek is bringing the watches in classic looks and traditional designs that almost every one of us would love to have on our hands.

At the very beginning, it had little place for a modern design but it is ruling in the world of modern and luxurious watches!

The most important fact for which I have respect for Patek Philippe is that this brand has held its position as the innovative watch brands with the experiments with the outstanding case, dial, and movement designs.

And if you see the watches of Patek Philippe Nautilus watch family, you won’t have any other doubt regarding its uniqueness after that!

1. Patek Philippe Nautilus Rose Gold 5980/1R-001

Thus, Rose Gold actually got my attraction and compelled me to predict or think about its future offerings.

It was introduced by Patek Philippe when it was all the excitement in the luxury watch industry to bring high-end steel sports watches.

And now, the luxury sports watches have probably become the most exoteric type of luxury-watches, especially in the Western part.

patek philippe nautilus rose gold

There is no doubt that one of the attractive and latest Patek Philippe Nautilus Watches is Nautilus Rose Gold version more specifically, the 5980/1R-001.

There is a rumour that it is now out of the market but don’t worry! We have a new piece in our hand to give you. Though it is still being produced by Patek Philippe but in a very little amount.

Best Features of Patek Philippe Nautilus Rose Gold 5980/1R-001

i. Patek Philippe Nautilus Rose Gold comes with a full 18k rose gold bracelet and 40mm-wide case. The case detailing is just too good with excellent finishing and polishing. Moreover, the case is water-resistant to 120 meters. With the help of the side flanks, one can easily wear the Nautilus on the larger side. But it is not that large watch from the dimensional stand-point.

ii. There is an in-house made caliber CH 28 520 C automatic mechanical movement inside the Nautilus Rose Gold watch. Case diameter (10-4 o’clock) is 40.5 mm and the height is 12.2 mm.  The movement gets operated at 4Hz and can reserve power for a maximum of 55 hours.

iii. The most attractive thing of Nautilus Rose Gold 18K watch is the bracelet which is surprisingly thin and very comfortable. Both the uncommon deployment clasp style and the unique style of finishing have made it different from other watches.

iv. The rose gold colour has also added beauty to Nautilus Rose Gold watch. If you are looking for a rich sports watch, then this one would be a good pick for you as it comes in a matching 18K gold bracelet.

v. The gradated beautiful dial in Patek Philippe Nautilus Chronograph Watch is black featuring raised gold applied luminescent markers, that comes along with a chronograph sub-dial at 6 o’clock and a date display in the 3 o’clock position.

vi. The 5980/1R-001 bracelet is made of 18 kt. rose gold with brush finished links which are complimented by bright polished links at the centre and it also attaches to the wrist with a double fold-over deployment clasp.


  • Automatic-self winding
  • 1- year warranty
  • Trendy Design
  • Water-resistant to 120 meters
  • Grade Rating: 100


  • A bit expensive

Why Should You Buy The Patek Philippe Nautilus Rose Gold?

To be honest, the watches like Patek Philippe Nautilus Watches are not for everyone as it is highly expensive. But it would be the perfect pick for you if you are looking for a watch that would satisfy and offer an elevated level of style and prestige.

This watch is very much consistent with the aesthetic requirements of trendy watchmaking.

Its simple design with sports style and gentleman temperament have made the Patek Philippe Nautilus Rose Gold become one of the most popular watches.

Moreover, its rose gold steel appearance, porthole shape case and grey stripes dial have given it the position to stand as a luxury sports watch.

2. Patek Phillipe Nautilus Men’s Watch – 5726/1A-010

Patek offered the Patek Phillipe Nautilus Men’s Watch Ref 5726/ 1A-010 with an identical steel bracelet. This is a sense coincided with the introduction of silvery-white dials to the Nautilus collection.

Until now in the other models, the dials were dark; either gradient black or gradient blue. And these white dials were not super popular back then but now they found their niche.

However, for the needs of our story though, the white-dial Ref 5726/1A-010 with steel bracelet is now available and it has been joined by the complementary Ref 5726/1A-001 with a gradient black dial.

patek philippe nautilus 5726a

Both offered precisely the same specifications because of the originality. This watch has got a huge hit by the watch collectors especially because of its white dial version.

In pristine condition here may be a very wanted steel Patek Nautilus. Featuring the long-lasting Annual Calendar with Moonphase complications, Day, Date and Month functions, power reserve for 35/45 hours, see-through sapphire crystal case back, waterproof to 120 meters and fitted to the super comfortable steel Nautilus bracelet.

This full set of the watch is presented in its original and beautiful polished wooden Patek presentation box, instruction booklet and stamped Certificate of Origin.

Let’s have a look at the best features of Patek Philippe Nautilus Ref 5726/1A watch.

Best Features of Patek Phillipe Nautilus Men’s Watch

i. Patek Philippe Nautilus 5726A  comes with a stainless steel case with a stainless steel bracelet. The Case diameter is 40.5 mm and it is a round-shaped case.

ii. The silver dial of Patek Philippe Nautilus 5726A  is another attraction of this watch that has luminous hands and index hour markers.  There is also a minute marker around the outer rim. The dial is highly legible. The analogue dial type has made it also traditional in look.

iii. Patek Philippe Nautilus 5726A also features perpetual calendar and GMT.

iv. Scratch-resistant sapphire crystal, 24-hour sub-dial, mechanical movement, fixed bezel are some of its fascinating features.

V. Patek Philippe Nautilus 5726A  is water-resistant at 120 meters / 400 feet.


  • Annual Calendar
  • Steel Bracelet
  • Water-Resistant
  • Modern and Trendy


  • Mostly the same as the previous model

Is The Patek Phillipe Nautilus Men’s Watch A Worth Buying?

To be honest, it is a tough question to answer. Being a very simple, easy to read and very stylish, it has become an enduring classic watch for the brand.

The 2012 Nautilus 5726 features a polar white dial with contrasting black markers and hands. Its movement is fitted with an annual calendar and moon phase.

This complication was previously somehow reserved for more traditional dress watches for many different reasons.

So, putting it in a steel luxury sports watch was an unexpected move, to say the least, but still, it got its appeal and place. As the watch comes in a steel bracelet along with the Annual Calendar feature, it can be a good pick for you.

Patek Philippe Nautilus Rose Gold VS Patek Philippe Nautilus 5726A

Both watches come in luxury watch style and have the ability to take your luxury to the next level. They have many things in common.

But there are some dissimilarities as well. If anyone likes a golden watch then he should go for Patek Philippe Nautilus Rose Gold. Otherwise, if you are looking for a watch with the silvery look, you can obviously go for Patek Philippe Nautilus 5726A as it comes with silver or white dial.

Both are water-resistant and provides 45/55 hours of power backup. The amazing thing about Patek Philippe Nautilus 5726A is that it features the annual calendar whereas the other one does not have this feature.

On the other hand, the unique feature of Patek Philippe Nautilus Rose Gold is its colour and bracelet. The first one comes in 18K gold and the other one in steel but both of the watches have its glory and uniqueness for grabbing the attraction of the buyers.

However, the common thing about the watches is that they come at a very high price and with many outstanding features of a luxury sports watch. They can also be bought as a collectible watch as well for many of the buyers.

What is the price of Patek Philippe Nautilus?

Ans- Usually the price varies as it mainly depends on the features and the materials of the watches. But mostly the price ranges between (30,000-1,25,000) USD.

Which Patek Philippe Nautilus is more appealing rubber strap or leather strap?

Ans- It mainly depends on the person who is willing to purchase the watch. Both of the types have their beauty.

If you think of using the watch with a leather strap, then you have to keep it away from water for better service.

On the other hand, if you tend to use it even in water or swimming pool then you should go for the rubber strap to save it from getting damaged.

How to identity the Patek Philippe Nautilus fake vs real?

Ans- It is very simple to identify the real Patek Philippe. But sometimes people get puzzled and fail to recognize the real or fake one. So, the best thing would be to check the Patel Philippe seal on the watch for identifying the real watch. The fake ones don’t come with this real seal.

What is the size of the Patek Philippe Nautilus?

There is no particular size of the Patek Philippe Nautilus watches. Usually, it comes between the diameter of 40-43 mm. It has different shapes in different watch models as well.

Why Patek Philippe Nautilus is so expensive?

The watches are very expensive because of its value and strong influence. Its quality and heritage have made it unique in the eyes of watch-lovers.

Patek Philippe carefully handcrafts every element of the watches and its movements and this makes the watches expensive.

Moreover, eye-catchy designs are another reason for making the watches expensive.

Final Thought

Since the introduction of the Patek Philippe Nautilus and the production of such watches,  these have reached mythical status.

Especially during the last few years, it seems these types of watches have been picked up by a larger number of enthusiastic audience than ever before.

Well, a watch is not only something to wear for checking on time, rather it is much more than that. When it comes to the luxury watches of Patek Philippe Nautilus Family, the prestige gets tripled because the watches are so unique and awesome in look and functionality.

Anyone would love to have such watch on hand that would take him to a different level of the aristocracy.

It is something about your emotion and choice of your belongings so you don’t need to have a second thought if you really want to buy these watches.


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