Where Are Rolex Watches The Cheapest?

Where Are Rolex Watches The Cheapest?

Have you ever wondered to know where the Rolex watches are the cheapest? To tackle this dilemma, there are two approaches. You’re looking for a Rolex to fit your budget in the first one, and almost any Rolex will work, as long as there’s a five-point crown on the dial.

Although this is far from the easiest way to select a timepiece, the advantage is that almost every marketplace is full of inexpensive Datejusts, Oyster Perpetuals, and Air Kings, enough so that almost every buyer has a nice watch.

You’ve chosen your favorite model on the other side of the Rolex shopping coin, and you’re looking for the best possible price for that particular comparison. It is a much more reasonable way of buying since you are more likely to find the exact watch you want.

Unfortunately, this is also a much tougher way to go, since most Rolex models are rare and costly, as we noted earlier.

In all of those cases, where you shop matters, but if you are shopping for a particular model or just a Rolex in general, it probably won’t change anything.

Online retailers and marketplaces for private sellers are a great place to start, but you’ll have to be sure that you get a genuine watch with a traceable back story.

Jewelry stores and other shops, such as pawnshops, can be an option, but typically they are more costly than private sellers.

In Switzerland, the initial cost of a Rolex is marginally lower than in Scandinavia. In Scandinavian countries, the vat refund is by far more generous than Switzerland’s, making Scandinavia cheaper than Switzerland to buy a new Rolex.

The last choice is to purchase new watches directly from an approved distributor, but they’re connected to waiting lists and in-demand watch sales policies. Let’s look at the best places to purchase a cheap Rolex.

Factors Affecting the Price of Rolex Watch

i) Rolex aims to have the same retail prices around the globe. But since it is not possible to change retail prices every single day depending on the currency of today, the price you can pay for a Rolex watch varies around the globe.

With that said, it is difficult to mention specific countries where purchasing a Rolex watch is the cheapest, since they should, in principle, have the same retail prices.

Moreover, because the currencies are constantly changing, a nation that today may be arbitrary.

ii) If you want to find the cheapest country to buy a Rolex watch, the local retail prices around the world should be followed and the prices matched with your currency.

Compared to the rest of the world, if one currency dumps, retail prices there will stay low until Rolex considers it necessary to lift the retail price in that local market.

iii) Deals are another thing to remember. As the popularity of Rolex has increased and the waiting lists have grown rapidly for many models, approved Rolex retailers are becoming less and less likely to offer discounts. Only because, to sell, they don’t have to.

iv) But the culture of discounting differs a lot across the globe and can impact whether or not you can get a discount on your order. It’s hard to tell in which countries you’re going to be more likely to get a discount.

Because it depends on so many variables, such as the model you purchase, how well the store sold that month, who you purchase from, and how much you buy for.


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